Exploring Identities of Psychiatric Survivor Therapists: Beyond Us and Them

Our new book has just been published by Macmillan Palgrave.  I copied our Acknowledgements here to express my appreciation for those who helped and encouraged us.

We acknowledge and offer our solidarity with the past and ongoing efforts of the psychiatric movement in their fight for seal-determination, human dignity and respect.  We thank our friends and family for their support through the process of writing this book.  Several colleagues took time out of their busy lives to read drafts for us, and we thank several people for their feedback on earlier versions of this book.  We are incredibly grateful to Dania Sheldon for reading and giving invaluable feedback on the book’s content.  We also thank Erica Lillelecht, Shannon Hughes, Darby Penney, and Claire Chang for reading and giving helpful feedback on sections of the book.

I am hopeful that our work promotes critical thinking in the halls of Academe and spills over into the community at large.