Giving Meaning To My Life

This blog is a little late.  My excuse:  I was asked to write a brief essay on The Meaning of Life.  I did not know the person making the request so I looked at the website.  I was stunned to see the amazing group of people who had make contributions.  I felt honored and privileged to write on this weighty topic.  I found myself thinking about it for several days – wondering what if anything unique I might have to offer.  What I wrote is below and can also be found at:

Locked in the seclusion room of the mental hospital, secured in restraints with mind-numbing psychiatric drugs coursing through my body, my spirit found a safe hiding place where it could hibernate.  Such was the major crisis that would be instrumental in determining the trajectory of my life.  I was blessed to learn that the human spirit has the power to overcome an imprisoned broken body.

I am not privy to a universal truth that would assign and define a meaning that all living organisms share.  I humbly submit what gives meaning to my life: that the unknown and unknowable nurtures in me an awe and respect for the power of spirit.  My good fortune obliges me to use what I know in service to others.  I believe that each of our lives has unique meaning that emerges as we play out our corporal existence.

To contemplate the meaning of life was more important to me during the years I struggled to emerge from my formative cocoon.  Now I am aware that meaning is manifested in the way I live my life rather than in the ruminating. philosophizing and searching to conquer life’s mysteries.  My decisions and the actions they generate are guided by an experience-based pragmatism vested in intuition, empathy and compassion.  Meaning is embedded in the tough choices that inform my attempts to live with integrity.

What clears my vision and supports my journey are principles forged in a crucible that challenged my survival.  I believe that in our darkest moments or in our greatest highs we have an opening to find the courage to seek clarity within our hearts.  Meaning is developed through events where circumstances do not allow equivocation.

I offer what gives me meaning – what I strive for within my imperfect life.  I wish for one principle to be accessible to all:  A Never Give Up attitude that makes you available to the always possible mysterious miracle that hovers in all of our lives.