Sounds of the Heart

“Only those who have helped themselves know how to help others, and to respect their right to help themselves.” (George Bernard Shaw)

I love listening to blues music. Why, you might ask that after I spend so much time listening to people’s real life blues, do I find enjoyment in listening to such music? Perhaps, it is best explained by what I once heard discussed on a radio program – the blues come in through your ears, go straight to your heart and end up touching the spirit. Reminds me of another saying: the blues is the poor person’s alternative to psychiatry.

At a Native American Powwow, I heard Grammy winning composer and singer Bill Miller say that during a low point in his life he became depressed, and was hospitalized and injected with psychiatric drugs. He then said he would have done much better if they had prescribed for him an iPod full of music.

My wish is for all helpers to embrace mystery, know and monitor their own needs, and most importantly listen to the experiential based wisdom of those who have swam and survived their immersion in the seas of emotional pain and turmoil. Let’s listen to, respect and thoughtfully consider the suggestions and criticism that arise from those with experience based wisdom.

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”  (Friedrich Nietzsche)