In my practice I see individuals, couples and families. Therapy may be short or long term depending on the needs and preferences of the individuals. Generally, sessions are a full hour long unless other arrangements are made. I do not take insurance reimbursement, so there are no reporting requirements that would compromise the privacy of the therapeutic relationship.

Having 30 plus years of experience working with diverse people with a variety of challenges, I have come to believe that the innate strength and resilience of the human spirit makes positive change available to all of us.


I believe that psychotherapy thrives when there is what Taoists call Wu Wei, an attitude of emptiness on the part of the therapist. When one is open, humility is embraced; such an attitude enables you to see not only who the person is but what he or she can be. I am privileged to be afforded the opportunity to do meaningful therapeutic work with those who are attempting to come to grips with extreme and troubling emotional and/or cognitive states which may be situational or long standing problems.

Empathic understanding of another and the communication of that empathy is the platform that I try to stand on to touch the buried strength of a hurt spirit that has burrowed into a seemingly inaccessible hiding place. A human connection is needed, a witness to validate that person’s pain and expiate the internalized shame of needing help. Once a client believes in possibility, then the therapy process can scurry through a plethora of options that can facilitate a change in the dynamic interplay of emotions, actions, thinking and attitudes.

I believe that all of the guiding principles in doing therapeutic work must be continuously examined and altered according to the unique make-up and needs of the people with whom I work.

Please read my first Blog entry, Does Psychotherapy Work?, to see my expanded description of psychotherapy.

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